Visit from the Regional Druid

This past weekend, we were graced by a visit from our Regional Druid, Jaime Cadorette-Thifault. She was an absolute delight.

In addition to showing her the local sights (Peggy’s Cove, Fisherman’s Cove, and several watering holes), we were lucky enough to have Jaime for a Welcoming Ritual where the Gods from multiple pantheons were hailed and gifts were exchanged.

It was an honour to play host to such a wonderful (and funny) woman, and we appreciate being included in her tour of the canadian groves.

A Declaration of Intolerance

In an effort to create a sense of solidarity for the right and good, while also taking a stand against such intolerance as racism and Nazism, the Grove of Nova Scotia Druids have added their name to a Declaration of Intolerance.

Please take a moment to read and consider.